THQ Nordic Announces The Valiant

THQ Nordic today announced The Valiant, an upcoming action-RTS with RPG elements. Focused on more tactical combat with smaller forces, players encounter a story-driven campaign where each mission’s challenge is unique. Decisions both on and off the battlefield count, as players will want to select their forces carefully for each mission, as well as decide the skills and equipment given to each hero.

The Valiant also offers two different multiplayer modes: competitive and cooperative. While the game’s campaign is designed as a single-player experience, up to three friends can play the Last Man Standing mode together and hold their ground against waves of enemies, including mini-bosses and bosses. Success will be rewarded with experience to level up the selected hero, granting new skills and better stats for future challenges. The PVP mode offers 1v1 or 2v2 scenarios that consist of swift clashes as players capture control points and build up their forces. As players earn more victories, they’ll be able to unlock a range of visual customization that can be leveraged throughout the game experience.

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