Biggest Post-Launch Update for Battlefield 2042 Delivers Fixes and QoL Enhancements

Today, DICE dropped another patch addressing bugs and other feedback areas affecting players in Battlefield 2042, as well as adding quality of life changes and some brand new features to the game.

Weekly missions will be coming to Battlefield 2042, with a total of three varying missions each week. Players who finish all the available missions that week will earn a unique cosmetic reward. Additionally, some new game mode layouts for Rush, as well as new templates and options will be added to Battlefield Portal.

The patch will also bring several UI improvements in and outside gameplay, with over 150 fixes, changes and small improvements to gameplay, including changes for maps, weapons, vehicles and Specialists.

Players can expect more updates in early December focused on balance changes and bug fixes to further enhance the Battlefield 2042 gameplay experience.

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