Alien Invaders Arrive in Knockout City’s Season 4, Coming December 7th

Unknown creatures are landing in Knockout City on December 7th, kicking off Season 4: Alien Invaders. The city’s Police Commissioner has mobilized the Knockout City Defense Force to combat these intergalactic intruders, and the DJ has teamed up with a mysterious caller in an attempt to contact these cosmic creatures to learn more. Knockout City’s newest season is bringing a plethora of new content, including a map, vehicles, events and more.

New gameplay content coming in Knockout City Season 4 includes:

  • A New Map: Alien Smash Site – Players will find themselves on a floating farm that is the crash site for a number of UFOs, introducing a unique mechanic where dodgebrawlers can jump onto floating saucers and hover across open pits below, moving at high speeds without losing the charge on a ball.
  • New Events and Playlists – With nearly back-to-back events and new playlist action, players can jump into Season 4 ready for anything. Over the coming months, Knockout City will feature four new two-week events with entirely new game modes, each with their own exclusive rewards.
  • Brand New Brawl Pass – With Season 4, all players will start again at Level 1, making their way through 100 new levels each stacked with new exclusive alien-themed rewards. There will be five weekly contracts, new Holobux offerings and more. Players will also keep all rewards earned in any previous Brawl Pass, so stock up on those unlockables while you can!
  • But Wait, There’s More – Players will have access to Alien UFOs as Crew Vehicles, a new Energy Drink: Pom, new bundles and daily store items.

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