Tribes of Midgard Seasonal Content and Roadmap Revealed

During the PlayStation State of Play today, Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing revealed new details for its upcoming co-op action survival RPG Tribes of Midgard, launching July 27th, including seasonal “Sagas” along with a post-launch content roadmap.

  • Season 1: The Wolf Saga: Introducing the game’s first Saga boss. In order to confront this mysterious and powerful boss, players must complete events, fulfill quests, clear dungeons and more – all before Ragnarök.
  • Runes: Modifiers that players will obtain throughout the game and during the Wolf Saga. The game will launch with 30 Runes, which are used to power up your Viking with unique buffs and abilities.
  • Content Roadmap: New Saga bosses will be added seasonally alongside new content, challenges, Runes, and exclusive rewards.

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