Red Dead Online: Blood Money Out Now

Blood Money, the latest major update to Red Dead Online, is available for download now. Blood Money delivers a host of new lawless activities across the world for all players – including Red Dead Online’s first train robbery – as players work with Guido Martelli, underboss to Red Dead Redemption 2’s Angelo Bronte, in Saint Denis on the darker side of crime across the five states.

By working with Martelli in his search for the rare commodity known as Capitale, players will be tasked with high-stakes robberies, shakedowns and more in new, multi-part Crime Contracts and larger scale Opportunities, alongside smaller time raids in Homesteads and Camps across the plains – with no upfront investment necessary.

Also included in today’s update is the Hired Gun Kit, the first pass of the all-new Quick Draw Club featuring a variety of unlockable items and rewards across 25 Ranks – including 25 Gold Bars to recoup its purchase, alongside the new Nominated Series option, Daily Challenges and Awards, select items from previous Outlaw Passes now available at the Fence, and more. Plus, PlayStation players can now play Red Dead Online without a PS Plus subscription until July 26th and NVIDIA DLSS support is now available to all Windows users with eligible NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards.

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