Hitman 3 Reveals New Location – Chongqing, China

Chongqing is a new location for Hitman 3, taking Agent 47 to the rainy, neon-lit streets of a Chinese transportation hub packed full of shops and food stands, all crammed into tight streets – with plenty of secrets off the beaten path. Chongqing is also the destination to showcase improvements and refinements coming to Hitman 3’s technology.

Powered by IO Interactive’s proprietary Glacier engine, Hitman 3 will look, sound and play better than ever with improvements to lighting, reflections, animation and AI. Chongqing also features full water effects, with details such as rain drops hitting Agent 47 and his clothes getting wet, all adding to the immersion of experiencing Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 will be available on January 20th, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC. Hitman 3 will also be coming to Nintendo Switch, playable via cloud streaming technology.

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