Dying Light’s “Be A Zombie” Mode Announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced “Be the Zombie” mode for Dying Light, a reward for fans who pre-order the upcoming action survival game. Reserving the game early is the only way at launch to get the mode which allows gamers to play as predators and engage in the game’s only PvP mode.

The special “Be the Zombie” PvP game mode provides gamers the ability to stalk other players as a night hunter, a lethal predator with deadly skills like superhuman speed, a tendril used to grapple around the game world, special charge and distance attacks, and more. As an extremely rare zombie mutation, the night hunter is an agile, fast and dangerous enemy who emerges nocturnally in order to prevent the destruction of Hives by killing humans.

By playing as a night hunter, gamers will earn experience points and develop the character through its own special skill tree, as well as earn other exclusive rewards and perks. This multiplayer mode gives players an entirely new way to experience the world of Dying Light on top of the story campaign.

Dying Light will be available in 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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