DICE Unveils Battlefield 4 Multiplayer and More

DICE has released a pair of new Battlefield 4 gameplay videos: “Angry Sea” a single-player demo from the Microsoft media briefing and “Siege of Shanghai,” a 64-person multiplayer match from EA’s press conference.

DICE also revealed two innovations in multiplayer: Levolution and the return of the fan-favorite Commander Mode. Levolution creates a dynamic and emergent battlefield where gamers can use the environment to their advantage like cutting the power to a building to shroud their enemy in darkness or reducing an entire skyscraper to rubble to alter the battlefield. With Levolution, the environment reacts to the player’s every move and ensures no two games will ever be the same. Commander Mode places two opposing players at the heart of the situation room with a birds-eye view of the battlefield. It’s a tug-of-war match between two commanders as they deliver critical intelligence and powerful assets to their troops below to the turn the tide of the battle.

DICE also announced today in celebration of the unveiling of Battlefield 4 multiplayer and to thank the millions of fans of Battlefield 3, DICE is giving away Battlefield 3: Close Quarters digital expansion pack to all Battlefield 3 players for free.

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