NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 4 Launches Today

2K today launched the next season of MyTeam for NBA 2K21, continuing the debut season structure in the franchise’s history. Season 4 – The Return – brings additional prizes, challenges and more tied with the NBA season, including:

  • A new level 40 prize: Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard
  • New NBA Weekly and Moments Challenges and Agendas tied with the return of the NBA Season
  • New ‘Kareem Signature Challenge’
  • New Domination Tier: Heat Check Teams
  • Earn 3 stars against all 33 Heat Check teams to earn Galaxy Opal Antawn Jamison. Each Heat Check team’s form depends on their actual performance in the NBA (IRL)
  • New ‘Throwback Moments’ packs every Tuesday, each player included is tied to a specific iconic moment in their career.
  • New Galaxy Opal Russell Westbrook reward for earning all 6 rings in Limited and Galaxy Opal Kevin McHale for going 12-0 in Galaxy Opal League of MyTeam Unlimited
  • Galaxy Opal Damian Lillard will also now be available to any players who have collected 2000 cards
  • IDOLS Series II starts in Season 4, players who completed Series I in the previous Seasons will have earned themselves Galaxy Opal Chris Webber.

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