Anno 1800 is Now Available

Today, Ubisoft announced that Anno 1800, the latest installment from the city-building and strategic franchise, is launching on PC. In addition, Ubisoft revealed the Anno 1800 post launch plan including a Season Pass with three major DLCs. Moreover, all Anno 1800 players will have access to free content including the upcoming Co-Op Mode, Community Challenges and Statistics Building.

With the Anno Season Pass players will have access to new adventures, challenges and tools as they shape their very own Industrial Revolution. The Season Pass includes the three following DLCs to be released throughout 2019:

  • The Sunken Treasure: Players will be able to expand their empire with a new European “Old World” session and large continental island, as they join an eccentric inventor and his diving bell on a treasure hunt.
  • Botanica: In this DLC, players will have the opportunity to grow their city’s attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing them to earn new items and rewards as they draw the tourist masses to their floral masterpiece.
  • The Passage: Players will have to master all-new production chains and goods as they build an Arctic outpost in the Northwest Passage.
  • Cosmetic Content (available today): Season Pass owners will also receive immediately three cosmetic customization items that they can use to customize their game profile for multiplayer: the prisoner portrait, and two exclusive company logos.

In addition, regular game updates will bring new free content available for all players after launch including:

  • Co-Op Mode: This highly requested community feature will be added to the game in a future update, allowing players to team up with their friends to take shared control of a single empire as it evolves throughout the industrial revolution.
  • Community Challenges: The Anno Community will receive regular challenges that will require all of them to come together to reach a shared goal. Doing so will unlock new cosmetic customization options like company icons or even skins for all participants.
  • Statistics Building: The most experienced players who love to go all in on the min-maxing will enjoy this new feature. Indeed, this statistics building will enable players to get more information about their production chains and their output available.

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