Endless Space 2 Unveils The Vaulters Expansion

Sega and Amplitude Studios today unveiled the Vaulters Expansion for Endless Space 2, coming January 26th.

A civilization that has been featured in all the Endless games, the Vaulters will have the ability to teleport and use the Argosy – their legacy super colonizer ship featured in the Prologue video.

They will also have their own heroes (including the Opbot), technologies, buildings, a new starting special node, the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization that they brought with them from Auriga, and of course, a brand-new main quest. Will they discover the truth about their Gods? Will they find a new home to start all over? Will they save their people that stayed on Auriga?

The Expansion will also feature new exotic combat modules like boarding and taking control of ships, as well as the Pirate Diplomacy gameplay enabling negotiations with their leader.

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