Little Nightmares Launches Second Chapter of DLC Expansion

Bandai Namco today launched the second chapter of the Secrets of the Maw expansion for Little Nightmares, the adventure title from Tarsier Studios. Players can access “The Hideaway” on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

The new chapter of Little Nightmares continues the adventure of The Runaway Kid, a young prisoner trying to escape the depths of The Maw, an eerie, dark vessel filled with dangerous and sinister enemies. The Kid ventures into The Hideaway, a grimy place populated by the Nomes. Only by finding and rescuing these curious creatures can The Kid make his way out of The Maw; but first, he must uncover the secrets that are buried in their nest.

The third and final chapter of the Secrets of the Maw expansion will be released in January, and will ultimately determine the fate of The Runaway Kid.

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