Dauntless – Forge Your Legend

Phoenix Labs today released a new trailer for their upcoming online co-op action RPG, Dauntless. The new trailer takes a deeper dive into combat, progression, and how Slayers survive against the Behemoths in the game.

This new trailer features a brand new Behemoth Skraev for the first time. Skraev thrives in colder climates and wields deadly frost attacks. While he may bear a resemblance to the previously-announced Behemoth Shrike, Skraev is a completely different encounter, boasting new attacks and challenges for Slayers.

The trailer also showcases the Chain Blades – the fourth weapon class in Dauntless. The Chain Blades are all about creating your own opportunities in combat, featuring a blend of short range combos and long range poke attacks. They enable Slayers to get in quick, unleash a flurry of attacks, and get out fast.

Dauntless is coming to PC in 2017.

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