Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Pre-Order Bonuses

Koei Tecmo has released a new trailer on the battle system of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, and announced content bonuses for players who pre-order the title ahead of its scheduled release on July 5th. Players can experience all kinds of warfare in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, ranging from Debates and Duels to the Open Field, Narrow Pass, and Naval battle types, with gameplay differing depending on the situation at hand.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII offers three bonus scenarios to players who pre-order the game through select retailers, including GameStop, Amazon, EB Canada, and Best Buy: the The Battle of Chibi scenario, in which fan-favorite character Cao Cao has captured Jing and is preparing his attack upon Sun Quan’s Yang Province; the Thirteen Heroes scenario, which follows thirteen chosen heroes who will gather together to compete for control of the land; the The Campaign Against Lu Bu scenario, in which Lu Bu has successfully tricked Liu Bei to gain control of the Xu Province, but Liu Bei and Cao Cao have joined forces to reclaim the land. Those who purchase the game via the PlayStation Store within the first month following launch will receive The Campaign Against Lu Bu scenario.

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