Xenoblade Chronicles X Available Tomorrow

Nintendo announced that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available exclusively for the Wii U tomorrow, December 4th. The open-world RPG finds players exploring the planet Mira on a mission to rebuild humanity.

To fully enjoy the physical version of the game, players can download four free and optional High Speed Data Packs in the Nintendo eShop to help with the game’s performance. The Basic Data Pack is the most effective of the four and speeds up load times. The Enemy Data Pack loads enemy data even faster, the Player Data Pack accelerates armor load times when changing equipment in shops, and the Skell Data Pack loads Skells faster when players are out in the field. An external USB hard drive may be required to download these packs from the Nintendo eShop. The digital version of the game in the Nintendo eShop will come with the Data Packs built-in.

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