Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition Announced

Deep Silver and comcept released details on the Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition, a limited Collector’s Edition that includes the Launch Edition of Mighty No. 9 along with a 6.5 inch, individually numbered statue of Beck featuring 14 different articulation points and three interchangeable faceplates for $59.99. Special packaging also includes a foil signature from creator Keiji Inafune.

Also released is a new trailer, “Beat Them at Their Own Game,” in which our hero, Beck, takes on the challenge of his eight mighty opponents and fights his way through ever-changing stages and boss fights.

All launch window versions of Mighty No. 9 will come packed with an additional “Retro Hero” DLC that allows players to battle as a retro-inspired version of our hero Beck as well as a 1-hit-death difficulty mode.

Mighty No. 9 will be available on September 15th as a digital download as well as physical retail version for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U, as well as digital only on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Portable versions for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS will follow at a later date. Mighty No. 9 supports Cross-Buy across all physical and digital purchases for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

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