Mysterious Dragon Ball Xenoverse Character Revealed

Dragon Ball fans have been wondering exactly who this new mysterious character that’s appeared in screenshots and trailers for the newest installment in the Dragon Ball video game franchise, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Today, Bandai Namco revealed the identity of this character and he is… you.

For the first time ever in a Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse will allow players to create their own character and take their avatar into the game in participate in some of Dragon Ball’s most famous battles and adventures. The options from which to create a character are wide ranging including using physical features from the Earthling, Majin, and Namekian races to just name a few. Once players create their character, they will be summoned by Trunks to complete a series of challenges that will set the player on his or her path in this great Dragon Ball adventure starting in the hub area known as Toki Toki City.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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