Donald Duck Joins Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Interactive today announced that Donald Duck will join the cast of characters set to appear in Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition.

Joining Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey from Disney Infinity, Donald Duck is the second of Disney’s fab five to be added to the Toy Box and is sure to bring nostalgia to Disney fans everywhere. Donald Duck delivers his signature catch-phrases, fiery temper and special abilities like tossing objects, sweeping up enemies with a broom and becoming a feathered fury to the new Toy Box mode.

A new Donald Duck themed Power Disc will also be available for players to use in the Toy Box mode to customize and enhance the experience. Players will be able to use the “All for One” Power Disc to change their Donald character into a Three Musketeers costume.

Donald Duck will be available in retail stores this fall. The “All for One” Power Disc will be in the blind Power Disc Packs also available in retail stores this fall. Additional Disney characters will be announced in the coming months.

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