GungHo Releaes 5 Japanese PSone Classics on PSN

GungHo Online Entertainment America today released five classic Japanese market PlayStation titles on the PlayStation Network Import Section. Available for $5.99 each, the five imports include:

  • Sarara’s Little Shop – In this RPG, players must take control of their item shop and help outfit adventurers to safely traverse treacherous dungeons and snap some fantastic loot. Each player’s experience may vary based on the decisions they make.
  • Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball – Featuring old-school pinball fun, this classic features two unique modes – a “simple” mode that replicates standard pinball experience, while the other takes players on a steel ball adventure to defeat a dragon and save the lovely princess.
  • Heroine Dream 2 – This ’90s style idol-simulation series tasks players to carefully manage the up-and-coming “heroine,” helping her burst onto the scene with style. With each decision affecting the game’s ending, players must properly balance their “heroines” confidence, athleticism and stress in order to rise to the top.
  • Neo Planet – Fly through space in this simulator. To terraform a whole new planet to become the second earth, Neo Planet, players must balance each planet’s ecosystem, all while developing it for potential colonization.
  • Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars – In a war-stricken, uniform-banned and post-apocalyptic Tokyo, our hero has been sucked into conflict – her brother is missing and she must uncover the truth. To do so, players must prepare the ultimate squad of student soldiers to send into large-scale combat against their rivals. Featuring rock-paper-scissors type battle gameplay, based on the elemental attributes of each school uniform, the game places emphasis on event scenes and simulation elements.

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