Divinity: Original Sin Collector’s Edition Unveiled


As Divinity: Original Sin nears its June 20th release date, Larian Studios today unveiled a limited-supply Collector’s Edition, featuring four Divinity titles, an RPG dice set, and more.

With just 1,500 physical copies available for purchase exclusively at www.larianvault.com, the contents of the Collector’s Edition include:

  • Two copies of Divinity: Original Sin for co-op adventuring
  • Digital copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity
  • Recipe cards to help you craft in-game
  • A cloth map of Rivellon
  • A two-sided A2 poster
  • A Soundtrack CD
  • An Original Sin-themed playing card deck
  • Premium-quality RPG dice set with pouch
  • A Sticker pack

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