The Witch and the Hundred Knight – Gameplay Clips

NIS America has released a couple of gameplay clips for The Witch and the Hundred Knight. The game will release exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on March 25th in both retail and PSN form.

The first video clip shows how the Hundred Knight can combine the special skills at his disposal, called Tochkas, to clear a path through his enemies. Here, he sets up the Dekoimo diversions to draw the enemy in, then plops down a bomb to blast them all away.

The second video shows a little thing called Witch Domination. By successfully raiding a house, you get an item and can then visit the house again to reap various benefits, like boosting EXP, recovering Gigacals, or increasing the Bonus Meter. But be careful – raiding too many houses will increase your Karma and if that gets too high, you’ll have townsfolk throwing rocks at you.

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