The Last of Us Takes Top Honors at the 2014 GDC Awards

The Last of Us has captured the award for Game of the Year at last night’s Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony. The game was also honored with Best Design and Best Narrative Awards. BioShock Infinite won the awards for Best Audio and Best Visual Art, while indie darling, Papers, Please won the Innovation Award and the honor for Best Downloadable Game.

Other winners of the night include the development team of The Fullbright Company, creators of Gone Home. Nintendo’s stalwart hero, Link, earned the award for Best Handheld title for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, marking the fourth win for the Zelda franchise since the inception of the Choice Awards in 2000. Grand Theft Auto V won the award for Best Technology and indie developer Squad scored the inaugural Audience Choice Award for their sandbox space flight game, Kerbal Space Program.

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