Inazuma Eleven Released for 3DS, Weapon Shop de Omasse to Follow

Level-5 today announced it has released Inazuma Eleven in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS for $19.99. Inazuma Eleven is a soccer role-playing game. As Captain Mark Evans of Raimon Junior High School, the player will recruit and train characters to customize their team, lead them through tactical soccer battles, and take them to the top to win the Soccer Frontier championship.

Level-5 will also release Weapon Shop de Omasse on February 20th in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS for $7.99. One of the titles in what is known in Japan as GUILD01 series, Weapon Shop de Omasse is a role-playing game with a comedic taste previously only available in Japan.

To celebrate the release of Inazuma Eleven and Weapon Shop de Omasse, all previously released GUILD series Nintendo 3DS titles in Nintendo eShop will be available at a promotional price of $2.99 for a limited time between February 13th to February 23rd.

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