Total War: Rome II Assembly Kit Goes Live

A Beta version of the Total War: Rome II Assembly Kit, a suite of mod-tools specifically designed to help modders get creative with Rome II, is free to download now in the Tools section of Steam.

The Assembly Kit contains a series of tools to help modders edit Rome II’s database and variants, and process data such as textures, models, animations and campaign-game start positions. A suite of exporters also enables users to then edit unit models and animations using third-party software.

To get modders started, the Assembly Kit comes packaged with example data, such as naval vessels, soldiers, animation sets, and the complete Rome II database backend. When a mod is complete, it can be uploaded directly to the Steam Workshop via the Rome II launcher, where over 1000 user-created mods can already be found.

Beyond the Beta phase, Creative Assembly aims to expand The Assembly Kit over time with further tools as they are developed.

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