Total War: Rome II – Caesar in Gaul Expansion Released

Sega and The Creative Assembly today announced that Caesar in Gaul, the first campaign expansion for Total War: Rome II, is now available to download via Steam for $14.99.

Playing as Rome or one of the key barbarian tribes in this seven-year conflict, players will experience a campaign map that represents an expanded, more detailed vision of Gaul and the south coast of Britannia. With multiple turns per year, this expansion also brings seasonal changes, with new gameplay effects and visual alterations.

Caesar in Gaul also offers players a new historical battle to challenge their generalship. The Battle of Alesia, the decisive engagement of Caesar’s war in Gaul, offers a unique tactical situation in which the Romans must survive a twin-pronged onslaught of the massed Gallic forces.

Concurrent with this launch, a new patch bringing important gameplay changes will download automatically via Steam for all Total War: Rome II owners.

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