Team Ninja Throw Tailgate Party for DOA5U: Core Fighters

Team Ninja kicks off several weeks of festivities complete with sports-themed costumes including Tecmo Bowl uniforms, new Emerald, Ruby and Topaz grades, limited time in-game and free content including the classic Tecmo Bowl Throwback, all in celebration of over half a million downloads of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters.

Just in time for football season, Tecmo Bowl uniforms for Bass, Bayman, Leon, Rachel, Tina and Zack are available for $1.99 each. For PlayStation 3 only, sets with both the character and Tecmo Bowl costume are available for $4.99 each. As a bonus, Tecmo Bowl Throwback ($9.99 value) and DOA5U: Core Fighters are included with the purchase of any of the six Tecmo Bowl costumes or the full Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Champion set ($16.99) through November 25th (PlayStation 3 only). Limited time offers also include the use of Leon and Rachel without charge for DOA5U: Core Fighters players through November 19th (PlayStation 3 only).

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