Company of Heroes 2 ‘Victory at Stalingrad’ DLC Launches Next Week

Sega today announced that ‘Victory at Stalingrad’ premium content will be launching next week for Company of Heroes 2’s Theater of War mode and is available for pre-sell on Steam from today until Monday for 10% off. ‘Victory at Stalingrad’ will go live November 12th on Steam for $9.99 as part of the ‘Turning Point’ update.

The ‘Victory at Stalingrad’ mini-pack includes the following content:

  • Co-Op Scenario: Kalach Pincer
  • Solo Challenge: Tatsinskaya Raid
  • Solo Challenge: Bridge Defense
  • AI Battle: Winter Storm
  • AI Battle: Stalingrad Resistance
  • AI Battle: Stalingrad Encirclement

As well as the ‘Victory at Stalingrad’ mini-pack, the ‘Turning Point’ update also includes new premium commanders ($2.99) and skins ($1.99) which will be available to purchase on the Steam store.

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