Metro: Last Light ‘Developer Pack’ Released

Deep Silver today released the ‘Developer Pack’ – the third piece of add-on content for Metro: Last Light. It is now available on Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

There are three main parts to the Developer Pack:

  • Players can experiment with every gun and attachment combination in the Shooting Range, and complete unique marksman challenges for each weapon
  • The AI Arena allows players to pit customisable squads of human soldiers and mutants against each other, or prove themselves in several challenges
  • Lastly, players can explore Metro’s cast of characters, and human and mutant foes, up close in the ‘Metro Museum’

The Developer Pack also includes an original solo mission – The Spider’s Nest. The Developer Pack costs $3.99, and is the third of four add-on content packs to be included in the Metro: Last Light Season Pass.

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