Madden NFL 25 Rankings Hub Launches

EA Sports and have launched the Madden NFL 25 Rankings Hub, a new destination within where fans can rank their favorite players by position for a chance to see their ratings increased in Madden NFL 25. On the Rankings Hub fans will be able to vote on players, view scouting reports and select which young NFL phenom they think should be named the Madden NFL 25 Next-Generation Player of the Year.

Every Monday through Wednesday individuals visiting the Rankings Hub will be able to rate who they believe are the top performers at key positions. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface fans can order quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, tight ends and defenders, all in the hopes of influencing overall player ratings in Madden NFL 25. Fan feedback will be sent to resident Madden NFL “Rating Czar” Donny Moore, who will take the pulse of the community when deciding which players will make the big moves each and every week. Voting opens every Monday at 11:59pm ET, and runs until 11:59pm ET on Wednesday. Results will be announced every Thursday, and updated rosters reflecting the ratings updates will also be released on the same day.

In addition to overall rankings, fans can also cast their vote every week for the Madden NFL 25 Next Generation Player of the Year. The nominees are comprised of some of the most promising young players in the NFL, and it’s up to the community to determine who is most worthy of the award.

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