Company of Heroes 2 ‘Theater of War’ DLC Released

Sega today announced that the first Theater of War single player and co-operative content update for Company of Heroes 2 is now available for download from Steam.

The Case Blue mini-pack is based on an actual German campaign of the same name which occurred on the Eastern Front in 1942. Players will control the full might of the German army as they take the fight into the very heart of Soviet Russia. The Case Blue includes two new solo challenges, two AI battles and a Co-Op scenario.

Eligible pre-order customers as well as those who own the Collector’s Edition or Digital Collector’s Edition will receive the Case Blue mini-pack for free when it releases. Case Blue will also be available to purchase on Steam for $9.99.

As well as the Case Blue Theater of War mini-pack, Relic will be releasing two new multiplayer maps as part of the same patch. The first of these maps, Rostov, is a large scale six player map based around a frozen river. The second, Kharkov is an industrial city scape which will encourage close-quarters fighting and strategic control of key choke points. Both of these multiplayer maps will be added to the roster and available for all players to download for free.

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