Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Bonus Edition Revealed

Sega has revealed exclusively DLC for Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Bonus Edition.

The Deadly Six have managed to recruit some new allies in the form of Nightmaren monsters inspired from the game NiGHTS into Dreams. Sonic has been sucked in to a world of nightmares created by Wizeman and he must defeat the Deadly Six who are riding high atop gigantic Nightmaren monsters in an exclusive level accessed via a redeemable code when pre-ordering the game. The NiGHTMARE DLC can be played at any point in the game and, on completion of the level, a special Color Power, which is usually only obtainable from Miiverse, is rewarded to the player.

Sonic Lost World will be available on October 22nd for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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