Grand Theft Auto V Avatars and Gamerpics Available

Rockstar Games today announced that Grand Theft Auto V Avatars and Gamerpics are now available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The set includes Michael, Trevor, Franklin, “Chop” the Rottweiler, a Vespucci Beach goer, and two variations of the Grand Theft Auto V logo.

They are available as a set of Xbox Live Gamerpics for 80 MS Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace and at the PlayStation Store as individual PSN Avatars for $0.49 each.

Also available on Xbox Live is a new collection of GTAV themed outfits and items for your Xbox 360 Avatar. The outfits are priced at 320 MS Points each while the individual tees are available for 80 MS Points. Chop the Dog or the Parachute can be had for 240 MS Points.

  • Bugstar Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Chop Pet
  • FIB Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Grand Theft Auto V T-Shirt (Men | Women)
  • Abseiling Outfit (Men | Women)
  • Parachute Prop
  • Scuba Outfit (Men | Women)

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