New Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Details Emerge

Team Ninja today released new details for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate set for a fall launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The lineup gets even deadlier with the addition of Virtua Fighter’s Indy Car bad boy and Jeet Kune Do master Jacky Bryant along with long time DOA fan favorite Ein, showcasing new character and costume designs. Team Ninja has also revealed two new stages and additional costumes and modification options.

Jacky Bryant, known as Blue Flash in indie racing circles, is the fourth fighter to crossover from the Virtua Fighter universe. Older brother to Sarah Bryant, Jacky has resolved to take down the mysterious organization J6 who has targeted Sarah. Entering a new type of battle, Jacky will collect information to prepare for the inevitable showdown with J6. Skilled in the art of Jeet Kune Do, Jacky brings his own style to the arena with mercilessly fast chains and combos forcing opponents to stay on the defensive.

Fan favorite, Ein makes his first return to the franchise since DOA2. Known as “The Iron Fist with a Lost Past”, Ein was discovered deep within the Black Forest of Germany without any memory of his past. Saved by a karate master, he eventually learned his true identity as Hayate, Kasumi’s brother, and of his kidnapping by DOATEC for the purpose of human research for “Project Epsilon”. However, whether his memory has fully returned is questionable. Ein is a well-rounded fighter ideal for fighters new to DOA whose deadly karate punches send opponents flying into walls and Danger Zones.

There are even more dynamic interactive stages in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate with the reveal of “Lost World” and “Forest”. In “Lost World”, high above the clouds a battle rages atop a steep vertical stone cliff against a backdrop of distant waterfalls. Fighters must take extra caution in the deceptively serene stage riddled with hazardous areas of narrow footing and massive stone pillars that result in extra damage when thrown against. The second stage “Forest” takes fighters into the fall season in a dense forest replete with the beautiful hues of autumn foliage. Battling along a single road that gets increasing steep as it approaches the mountains, players will use elevation to gain a strategic advantage on their opponent.

Additionally, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate brings new costume and options to the DOA champions. Hitomi sports a new hairstyle with her new denim jacket and jean outfit. Kasumi’s new blue cardigan stands out against the red, orange and yellow tones of the “Forest” stage. Christie is likely to wield even harsher punishment outfitted as a police officer.

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