FIFA 14 Pre-Order Bonus

Electronic Arts announced today that EA Sports is offering FIFA 14 Ultimate Team gold packs to fans who pre-order FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Fans who pre-order the “Ultimate Pass” pre-order package will receive 24 FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs — one per week for 24 weeks — to help build their ultimate team. Each gold pack is a mix of 12 items, including players, contracts, stadiums, managers, staff, fitness, healing, balls, kits, and badges. Gold packs consist mostly of players rated 75+ in-game, and include one rare item, such as enhanced player attributes, longer contracts, and the most coveted players.

The “Ultimate Pass” is available until midnight on September 23rd. FIFA 14 is scheduled for release on September 24th.

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