First DLC for Gears of War: Judgment Released

Epic Games has released the first game add-on for Gears of War: Judgment. The DLC includes the return of the multiplayer mode Execution and a new multiplayer map called Haven, which will be free for a limited time only.

In Execution mode, the objective of each team is to kill all members of the enemy team before the time limit runs out. The catch? Unless hit with a one-shot kill weapon like the Booshka, players go into a “Down But Not Out” state and will revive at the end of the bleed-out timer instead of dying. To finish the job, perform an Execution on a downed enemy.

In addition to the new mode and map, special playlists for both Haven and Execution will be available, offering 200% XP boosts for a limited time (VIP pass holders will receive 300% XP boosts). And in addition to the DLC, the first title update will be going live today as well.

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