Dead or Alive 5 Plus Demo Coming

Team Ninja today announced that a demo of Dead or Alive 5 Plus for PlayStation Vita will be available close to the game’s launch on March 19th. The Dead or Alive 5 Plus demo includes Cross-Play battles with current Dead or Alive 5 PlayStation 3 players, the ability to transfer progress from the demo to the full game, and eight stages of combat action.

Players can experience new single-player modes such as Touch Fight while fighting as Kasumi, Hayabusa, Eliot, or Tina against any computer opponents to sample the variety of characters and fighting styles. Just as in the full game, costumes unlocked during the normal course of gameplay can also be unlocked in the demo. Additionally, save data from the demo can be transferred to the full game so players can continue fighting right where they left off. Available stages in the demo include Scramble, The Show, The Tiger Show, Coming Soon, Zack Island, Dead or Alive, Arrival, and Dojo.

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