War of the Roses: Kingmaker Announced

Paradox Interactive and Fatshark today announced War of the Roses: Kingmaker, a gold edition of the game which includes all of the weapons, armor, and perks that have been released for the title so far. The new edition will be available in late Q1 2013.

A free trial version of War of the Roses is also planned for release on February 6th, which will allow anyone to download and play the game without cost. The trial version will include access to all online battles, enabling aspiring warriors to fight alongside all existing players – paid or trial. The trial version will limit players by disallowing any unlocks, giving access only to the game’s base classes and weapons.

In addition, Paradox will soon release a new premium DLC for War of the Roses, starring British actor Brian Blessed as a new narrator for the game.

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