RIP THQ 1989-2013

In a letter to employees, THQ confirmed the proposed sales of multiple assets:

Relic Entertainment
Makers of Company of Heroes
Winning bidder: Sega, $26.6 million.
Runner-up: Zenimax Media, $26.3 million.

THQ Montreal
Makers of 1666 and Underdog, titles under development.
Winning bidder: Ubisoft, $2.5 million.
No runner-up.

(title in development at Turtle Rock Studios)
Winning bidder: Take-Two Interactive, $10.894 million.
Runner-up: Turtle Rock Studios, $250,000.

Volition, Inc.
Maker of Saints Row
Winning bidder: Koch Media, $22,312,925.
Runner-up: Ubisoft, $5.4 million.

Released 2011; due for a sequel.
Winning bidder: Crytek. $544,218.
No runner-up.

Series; due for the sequel Metro: Last Light.
Winning Bidder: Koch Media, $5,877,551
Runner-up: Ubisoft: $5.175 million.

South Park
License; South Park: The Stick of Truth is due for release March 5.
Winning bidder: Ubisoft, $3,265,306
No runner-up.

Some assets, including Vigil, along with some other intellectual properties are not included in the sale agreements. They will remain part of the Chapter 11 case. It is also rumored that EA has the WWE license, though that was negotiated separately.

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