Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Coming Next Week

Electronic Arts and Crytek today announced an open multiplayer beta for Crysis 3 will be available starting January 29th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Including two team-based modes and two maps, the beta will give players an opportunity to master the superpowers of the Nanosuit. The multiplayer beta will be available for two weeks before Crysis 3 launches on February 19th.

Beginning on January 29 and ending on February 12, the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will feature two of the eight modes included in Crysis 3. In Crash Site, players must secure and defend specific locations, earning points along the way for kills and their ability to hold those locations. The all-new Hunter mode makes its debut in Crysis 3. This asymmetrical, time based mode pits two players vs. ten (two vs. 14 on PC) in matches that begin with two cloaked hunters stalking 10 opposing CELL troopers. Armed only with enhanced Nanosuits and the Predator bow, hunters must stalk and kill the CELL operatives, who in turn must work together as a team as they fight to stay alive before the round ends. The twist is that once a CELL trooper is killed, that player will then respawn as a hunter, joining the others in their attempt to eliminate the remaining CELL operatives before the clock strikes zero. The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will also showcase two of the game’s twelve maps, Airport and Museum.

Also included in the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta is the New York Feed, a brand new in-game social feed that will showcase the accomplishments of gamers and their friends while offering dynamic challenges to complete. Crysis 3 multiplayer also contains new gameplay features including Rip & Throw, which allows players to interact with the elements of the environment to use as weapons or shields as well as the chance to control the Pinger, an alien tripod war machine.

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