Fuse Pre-Order Bonuses

Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games are giving consumers who pre-order Fuse a head start when the 4-player co-op action game hits shelves Spring 2013. Starting today, players who pre-order Fuse will be able to unlock special armor and weapon customizations for each of the game’s four elite agents. In addition, players will be able to bolster their characters’ respective arsenals through increased damage on all one-handed weapons.

The pre-order bonuses include:

  • Four Hyperion Prototype Agent Armor Skins — Upgrade your agents’ look with four special, state-of-the-art armor skins discovered inside the top-secret Hyperion Base
  • Four Hyperion Prototype Weapon Skins — Customize your Fuse weapons with four skins based on each of the original prototypes developed inside Hyperion Base
  • Quickdraw Team Perk — Increase your damage with this team perk adding powerful Fuse elements to all one-handed weapons for all four characters in your squad

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