FIFA Soccer 13 – Wii U Trailer

Electronic Arts has released a new FIFA Soccer 13 trailer showcasing the features on Wii U. FIFA Soccer 13 is a launch title on Wii U and will be in stores when the console launches this weekend.

One Comment on “FIFA Soccer 13 – Wii U Trailer

  1. Honestly it’s hard to tell if the Wii U’s online community could even support some of the more ambitious online community features that FIFA 13 sees on other platforms. The community is growing, but still quite small in comparison to others. Regardless, FIFA 13 is lacking a lot of the cool features found in other versions, and trades them in for things unique to this platform. You might get a kick out of the uses that EA has found for the GamePad, even if they cost you a game or two in your FIFA career. But FIFA 13 is a nice start for the franchise on the Wii U, even if it’s slanted more towards those that are looking to play locally with friends.