Crysis 3 – Hunter Mode Trailer

Crytek has released the latest Crysis 3 trailer showcasing the game’s Hunter multiplayer mode. Featuring five two-minute rounds, Hunter mode is 2 vs. 10 (2 vs. 14 on PC) and starts off by pitting 2 Hunters against CELL Troopers. Outfitted with enhanced Nanosuits and armed with the all-new Predator composite bow, Hunters must stalk CELL Troopers, systematically taking them out one by one. The twist is that once a CELL Trooper is killed, they respawn as a Hunter, slowly tipping the balance until the round ends or there are no CELL Troopers left. Crysis 3 is scheduled for release in early 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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