First DLC for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Released

Konami today announced the availability of the first free update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. In addition, Konami has released information and features about the second DLC for the soccer game.

As with previous iterations of the series, Konami is committed to adding content to PES 2013, and the first free update ramps up the online side of the game. Available today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the update adds a widget system that acts as a shortcut to gathering friends together for online matches. PES 2013 allows up to eight people to play in a match simultaneously, and the new download adds Community modes, wherein friends can be automatically selected from a pre-determined list and allows communities to track and monitor their results. Users can now concede a match at half-time as well.

Konami will soon release a second DLC pack that reflects all summer transfers, adds further UEFA elements, team updates and 11 new boot designs.

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