Dead Space 3 Graphic Novel in the Works


Sergeant John Carver is out for revenge, but how does he end up in Dead Space 3 fighting alongside engineer Isaac Clarke? The two have completely different personalities but their worlds come together in a quest to take down the Necromorph infestation. Fans looking to uncover more information will find it in Dead Space: Liberation, an original graphic novel from EA’s Visceral Games and Titan Books. Written by science fiction comic book author Ian Edginton and illustrated by artist Christopher Shy, this graphic novel sets up the story of co-op character John Carver in Dead Space 3. In addition to this new graphic novel, fans can also look forward to The Art of Dead Space, a new art book featuring more than 300 images, concept sketches and commentary from artists. These books will release in conjunction with the Dead Space 3 launch on February 5th.

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