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Game & Publisher Frogger (c) Konami
System Requirements Xbox 360
Overall Rating 55%
Date Published Monday, September 25th, 2006 at 05:47 PM

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To me, Konami's Frogger rekindles an old classic that is about as canonical in gaming as Pac-Man is. For those too young to remember it, you may have seen its many derivatives or clones (Froggee comes to mind). Frogger must make it across a busy street then a pond with shifting logs. You do this without getting squashed by cars, taking a dive on a tortoise shell, snapped up by an alligator and with a ticking timer to urge you on with your goal of making it to the other side of the screen. And, oh yeah, you only have a handful of lives to do it. Being green isn't an easy thing.

With updated graphics and music, Frogger continues the original look and feel of the game with very little embellishment. It runs on HD television sets and plays on your Dolby 5.1 receiver. Beyond that, there's just not much to rave about it. What Frogger brings to the table for the Xbox 360 is integration with player achievements and the online play of Xbox Live. Typical of the retro arcade games that are coming out for the Xbox 360, the multiplayer here suffers from lag especially if you choose opponents who have a less than optimal network connection with you. Why this happens with a two decade old game whose code can be transferred about a hundred times over between you and your opponent during one match I don't know.

Online, you can play versus and co-operative modes with another player. If you wish to play with someone sitting next to you, Frogger's co-operative mode takes a turn for the asinine. Konami's idea for co-operative is the same as people's idea of two player gaming back in the 1980s. You take turns doing it which to me is about as co-operative as watching someone else play and taking the controller from them once they're done.

With the ability to switch into classic arcade mode, Frogger tries to appeal to the purists who enjoy collecting coin-op arcades. Unless you spend a lot of time exclusively playing Xbox Live Arcade titles, though, it's probably not worth picking up the full game as you might find you've seen and done everything with the trial itself.


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