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Game Over Online ~ NCAA Football 10

GameOver Game Reviews - NCAA Football 10 (c) Electronic Arts, Reviewed by - David Kennedy

Game & Publisher NCAA Football 10 (c) Electronic Arts
System Requirements Xbox 360
Overall Rating 82%
Date Published Monday, August 10th, 2009 at 06:15 PM

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NCAA Football has been a fan favorite for years and has provided an action packed college football experience. The college football series has always included depth and gameplay that Madden couldn’t compete with. That doesn’t always make for a better game, however. This year’s college football saga brings forth upgraded defense, new running abilities and team control, but it all depends whether or not a player can find the field through all the menus and recruiting detours.

College football has always been more like rock‘em sock‘em robots rather than a strategic football game. Players are running all the over field which leads to less control and an overall feel of spastic gameplay. It has always been a problem with the NCAA Football series, however there are a few things that have been tended to over last year’s edition.

Defense has always been a step behind in previous years while offense has always been highlighted. Well, this year the knowledge of defensive presence and formations will pay off. Calling the right defensive formations will usually put a player in the right position to make a play on the ball. Interceptions and speed still come down to statistical abilities, as well as your quick reactions on the toggle switches, but it still levels the playing field a bit.

On offense, you’ll notice the same problems that plagued last year’s installment, in which players don’t have the presence of mind to stay in bounds while running for a reception, or players just not running in the right direction. In fact, this is a problematic area that EA has failed to address for the past few years.

During gameplay, you’ll also notice a lack of detail in the fans. I understand the amount of time it would take to compound them, but the atmosphere in real college football stadiums is electric and borderline absurd. Yes, you will hear a “white noise” of fans in the background but other than that, they really have no affect on the game.

Dynasty Mode is as in-depth as always, however lacks the excitement to keep gamers interested. I noticed myself just going through the motions of recruiting, signing, buying upgrades, etc; building my program one player at a time but not really loving or paying attention to what I’m doing. The new “Road to Glory” Mode provides some interesting gameplay as you create a specific player and position, and work your way up to a collegiate career as ESPN personality Erin Andrews follows your progress. It’s an exciting new twist to the usual Dynasty Mode, and multiplayer continues to liven up the college experience even more.

In the end, many of the same problems that plagued last year’s installment still exist, but that shouldn’t stop college football fans from buying this year’s edition of NCAA Football. The gameplay is still fun. It may not be Madden but this is still a must own for college football’s biggest fans and casual fans alike.


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