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Game Over Online ~ Tribal Rage

GameOver Game Reviews - Tribal Rage (c) TalonSoft, Reviewed by - Prolix & Radfaraf

Game & Publisher Tribal Rage (c) TalonSoft
System Requirements Pentium Based System, 16mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM
Overall Rating 53%
Date Published Tuesday, June 9th, 1998 at 03:59 PM

Divider Left By: Prolix & Radfaraf Divider Right

Welcome to the world of Tribal Rage, where your survival depends on your fighting skills. The year is 2030 and the world is stricken with famine and disease. The average real time strategy game gives us only a few races or people to chose from however, in Tribal Rage, you are given six different sides. The various sides include; Death Cultists, Biker Babes, Enforcers, Cyborgs, Amazons, and my personal favorite Trailer Trash. The surroundings are given a Mad Max or post apocalyptic feel to them and your main goals are to kill everyone and collect those ohh so precious resourses. The game world is viewed in an overhead view, much like that of Starcraft.

The graphics are very simple and unfortunately don't take advantage of today's 3D card equipped PCs . Each building is completely detailed and gives a realistic touch to the game. For the most part, the scenery in the maps is alright. Locations range from barren desert landscapes to a destroyed city. Some of the unit graphics are very corny, but its good for a laugh at least. Most of you pyrotechnics fans will be very disappointed with the explosions in this game, they are very poor. One feature I did enjoy was the ability to cause damage to the environment to a certain extent, nice touch.

Sound is a real blast, when you tell one unit to do something he makes a remark, just like Warcraft 2. My favorite units, Trailer Trash, make those funny little redneck comments when you select them. When playing multiplayer with Radfaraf, he chose the death cultists and he swears they said the word Jew a lot. There is no music included, which could have been a really nice touch, but other than that the sound effects are completely average. The control is just what you would expect from a strategy game as well, no complaints in that department.

Mutliplayer is rather poor because you can only play against a human opponent. The lag was pretty bad with a 56k host. For the most part, multiplayer was not fun at all.

One of my biggest complaints is the design flaws. Radfaraf and I tried to figure out how to quit this game, but we had to resort to using Alt-F4 to quit. For some reason even when you click the quit button the game will NOT quit, so for a while I had to reboot my computer which was very frustrating. Another flaw is the menu system, it becomes very annoying when each menu individually folds out. Tribal Rage is somewhat original due to the six different races, but after that it just goes downhill. This type of game has been done hundreds of times and this game sure doesn't set any new standards in the genre of real time strategy.


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