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Game Over Online ~ The Real Deal 2

GameOver Game Reviews - The Real Deal 2 (c) Centron Software , Reviewed by - Compuacid

Game & Publisher The Real Deal 2 (c) Centron Software
System Requirements Pentium 133, 16MB Ram, 30MB HD
Overall Rating 66%
Date Published Monday, April 19th, 1999 at 03:57 PM

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For years, businessmen, kids, and adults alike have put their work aside and opened a computer card game to pass the time away. When Once Microsoft began to bundle a simple version of Solitaire into their Windows platform, many executives knew the business world would never be same. Executives continuously found their employees putting their work aside for a quick game of Solitaire. Some workers even challenged other coworkers in time trials of Solitaire. The computer card playing led to anti-gaming laws in the office, yet people everywhere continue to procrastinate their time away with a quick game of cards.

The Real Deal 2 retains the spirit and fun of the original Solitaire games, but adds more flare and variety. The sequel adds seven new games to the original including 7 Card Stud, Baccarat, Black Jack, Pai Gow Poker, Poker, Red Dog and Texas Hold ‘Em. The Real Deal 2 also retains the 10 classic games from the original such as Pinochle, Hearts, Spades, Cribbage, Euchre, Whist, Thirty-One, Crazy Eights, Oh Hell, and Auction Pitch.

Every game includes colorful playing cards and an assortment of midi music. As you probably know, these games are not versions of Solitaire so the computer has to simulate players for you. When you begin a game, you choose ‘virtual" partners and opponents for the game. Each player has a picture, short biography, and skill level to add to the realism. As in real card games, there is much talking or bragging across the table. Every character usually actually talks during the game with real speech done by amateur voice actors.

In each game, help files and playing tools are there to assist even the most awful players. In the seven new games, you can even watch short help video clips. The games are pretty straightforward, as you would expect with card games. Anyone can learn how to play Cribbage or Euchre with the tables and help files.

One of the additions The Real Deal adds to the card game genre is multiplayer. The Real Deal 2 offers Internet and Modem play for up to four players. The game ran great on even the slowest of connections. The Spec actually say 14.4k modem required for Internet play so those of you even with a 28.8k modem will experience perfect gameplay.

As far as card games go, this title isn’t bad. The team games such as Hearts and Spades are quite fun. Although this title doesn’t hold as much excitement as Quake II or Unreal, don’t dismiss this title so easily. If you want a simple classic game that will offer more excitement and variety than Solitaire then the game is perfect. So the next time you have a term paper due and have a little writers block, put your mind at ease with a little Red Dog, Crazy Eights, or Spades.


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