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Game Over Online ~ Spins

GameOver Game Reviews - Spins (c) Foundation Company, Reviewed by - Prolix

Game & Publisher Spins (c) Foundation Company
System Requirements Pentium, 8 MB Ram
Overall Rating 24%
Date Published Thursday, January 21st, 1999 at 10:28 PM

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Spins, the ultimate test of ones patience. Spins is a 2d overhead action/puzzle game. The goal is to steer your spinning top to the other side of the course. To prevent you from easily doing this, there are traps, holes, and other painful obstacles. Spins features ten different worlds with over 100 maps of game play and not much else.

This game is a bore. The boards consist of different themes, such as undersea, stonehenge, or chess. Each board is modeled after that theme. Take for example the undersea board, it has starfish and algae all over it. There are no special effects, just 16 bit colors with normal super vga rendering. If your expecting to be blown away by eye candy you are looking in the wrong place. The fanciest special effect Spins has to offer is blinking lights.

Effects consist of some brief techno music along with the average blips and bloops you would expect from a game that looks like it was made in ‘92 or ‘93.

Controlling the spinner is done with either the mouse or keyboard; I recommend the keyboard due to the mouse's inaccuracies. Steering the top through the mazes can prove quite the task. Very rarely does the top ever stop spinning, therefore it reacts harshly to any bump or nudge. My top constantly fell pray to the dark world outside of the tiles due to momentum given off by bouncing things along the walls. There a few powerups like the ability to jump, extra lives, and power re-fillers. One bug, or lack of intelligence by the designer,s I noticed was the fact that after you died and started again the extra lives would re-spawn. Thus giving any semi intelligent person max lives in a matter of minutes.

Overall Impression:
Spins is a boring, uninspired game that isn't worth my time or anyone else's. The thing that bothers me the most about this game is that the developers expect gamers to spend their hard earned cash on it. Spins is at best a shareware game of the early 90's.


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