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Game Over Online ~ Snowmobile Championship 2000

GameOver Game Reviews - Snowmobile Championship 2000 (c) GT Interactive, Reviewed by - Glen

Game & Publisher Snowmobile Championship 2000 (c) GT Interactive
System Requirements Pentium 90, 16MB Ram
Overall Rating 34%
Date Published Tuesday, October 19th, 1999 at 08:26 PM

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Snowmobile Championship 2000 (SC2K) is a game with a new idea. How many titles featuring snowmobiles have we seen recently? Unfortunately the new idea is all that is good about this title from the usually reliable GT Interactive. Maybe you're thinking that even though the game may not live up to its potential, but it's got to be somewhat fun, right? Let me take you through this game painstaking step by painstaking step.

You really can't expect much of a story from this game, I mean, “Hey, it's just racing.” The main problem lies in the fact that each race is separate from each other. There are only two modes of game play, Race and Practice. Basically race is the same thing as practice except there is 4 other snowmobiles out there that you need to watch out for. In this day of games where you can play out an entire player’s career with hall of fame and everything, the least this game could do is link races into something of a tournament. Is that too much to ask?

The graphics in SC2K are actually not bad, and with the 3D acceleration (optional) the game is not terrible to look at either, where the problem lies is in frame rates. Even with medium detail the game was terribly choppy. The tracks are drawn well on nice backgrounds, and each snowmobile and rider are in good detail, which makes at least one good point in this game.

Control in the game is somewhat awkward. I've personally never ridden a snowmobile before, but it seems that they should be easier to control then they are in this game. Once you get into a skid, it seems impossible to straighten out. You end up bouncing from wall to wall until you eventually fall off and have to start again. It also seems sort of random when the rider falls off the snowmobile. Usually in games there is a meter of some sort, or the rider will fall off after a major crash, but in SC2K the rider seems to fall off when he feels like it. That made the game again feel very unreal.

The sound in SC2K is nothing much to listen to, to be honest after a few minutes I had turned my speakers volume all the way down, and if you dare play this game you probably will also. That’s enough of that. Another major blow to this game is there is no multiplayer! Not even split screen with two on the same keyboard. With a game this poor already, I honestly don't know what GT Interactive was thinking when they decided on having no multiplayer.

In conclusion, you can surmise that GT Interactive saw a need for this type of game in the market and threw this game together in about 2 weeks tops. If there is to be a sequel, almost everything needs to be improved, starting with the multiplayer feature. Even as poor as the game is, if you could bang down a track with 4 of your friends over a LAN or TCP/IP connection it would make up for it all, almost.


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